"I am one of Safe & Secures first customers, our family home was then located in Killara and our family was quite young. Safe & Secure has since provided me with security systems in numerous premises both residential and commercial.

As our family has grown Safe & Secure is providing security for their family homes.

I was delighted when Peter asked if I would provide this testimonial letter, Peter’s company; Safe & Secure has always acted professionally and efficiently and I will continue recommend their services."

Harry & Helen Terrett
Darling Point 2027 NSW
15th August, 2011

Safe & Secure provides a range of monitored smoke and thermal detectors.

Smoke detectors are now compulsory in Australian homes, and they save lives on an almost daily basis.

Why you need a good monitored fire alarm system

Fires can start anywhere in a home. They usually start accidentally, or as a result of electrical faults. One of the biggest problems is that human senses often don’t notice the danger until the fire is truly dangerous, because the source of the fire is masked.

Extremely dangerous fires like ceiling and electrical fires often start in wiring, out of sight. By the time they’re noticeable, they’re usually well developed. That reduces the safety margin for home occupants to react and safely get out of the danger zone.

Monitored & audible smoke and fire detectors can identify a fire before its noticeable, and notify our control room before you could dial a phone number. Safe & Secure systems are on watch 24 hours a day, and can advise the fire brigade services.

Safe & Secure smoke and fire detectors

Smoke Detector

Safe & Secure has the latest smoke detectors. Our audible photo-electric smoke detector is hardwired directly to your security system, so it's fire protection that's "always on".

Heat Detector

Heat detectors are thermal sensors, designed to respond to sudden temperatures increases. In damp or dusty places where smoke detectors may not work properly, our heat sensors can alert your system if there’s an increase in temperature. They’re typically used in vulnerable areas of the home like attics or kitchens.

Safe & Secure Smoke and fire detectors and fire safety

These systems can save a life or house and provide immediate response even if you’re not at home.

  • They provide the best early warning fire protection.
  • Once smoke is detected, a loud audible tone is emitted from the detector and signal is immediately sent to our monitoring station, which then notifies you and the fire brigade.
  • You're protected while you're at home, at work, out for the evening, when your children are home by themselves or when you are unable to reach the phone.
  • These systems are particularly valuable and efficient backups in holiday properties or sites where homeowners are frequently off the premises.