"Have provided security systems for many of our sites over the past 25 years.

The team at Safe & Secure have always been quick to respond to any urgent requests with a friendly and helpful attitude.

They have provided expert advice helping to guide us with our ongoing overall security needs.

Safe & Secure have provided needed ongoing support in regards to installation, service and monitoring of security systems including management software packages.

Good on Safe & Secure, keep up the good work."

Jared Hart,
Syd Nth FM Group
Facilities Manager

Safe & Secure provide medical alert systems which are state of the art. They are designed to provide peace of mind as well as reliable service.

Families with someone in need of 24hr care are well aware of the need of a direct link to our control room providing reliable monitoring by trained operators. Seconds can count in an emergency.

Better quality of life and reassurance

These systems also give reassurance to people who have medical conditions. They allow patients to have some confidence in their daily lives, knowing they’ve got backup when they need it. The stress factor is reduced, and confidence is restored. That’s a much better quality of life for people that have to worry about doing basic things.

Choosing a medical alert system

If you or a family member needs medical alert support, the first thing to do is get some ideas about what’s best for the circumstances, costs, and how the systems operate. Your doctor can provide very useful advice about appropriate medical alerts, which will define the type of systems which are best for the situation.

We know the problems- Safe & Secure Medical Alert systems

Safe & Secure have been providing medical alarms for over 40 years, assisting in saving lives in homes and businesses. We have a number of systems for people needing that extra support round the clock.

To ensure peace of mind, Safe & Secure has a range of medical alert systems which allow mobility and un-intrusive round the clock monitoring:

  • Waterproof neck pendant transmitters
  • Key ring transmitters
  • Wristwatch transmitters
  • Notification systems which can be customized to any situation

These alarms are supported 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, with battery backup systems to ensure our systems never go down.

Want some help?

We know that these situations are difficult for patients and their family members, and that making decisions about such important things isn’t easy. If you’re having problems deciding what to do, or need to talk to someone who can take you through the medical alert systems and issues, you can talk to one of our experts.