"Have provided security systems for many of our sites over the past 25 years.

The team at Safe & Secure have always been quick to respond to any urgent requests with a friendly and helpful attitude.

They have provided expert advice helping to guide us with our ongoing overall security needs.

Safe & Secure have provided needed ongoing support in regards to installation, service and monitoring of security systems including management software packages.

Good on Safe & Secure, keep up the good work."

Jared Hart,
Syd Nth FM Group
Facilities Manager

Safe & Secure offer a range Hold-up, Panic and Duress alarm systems which are designed to assist when you feel threatened by a situation where responses are required.

When your Hold-up/ Panic/Duress alarm is activated:

  • Your alarm system immediately alerts our 24/7 control room.
  • Within seconds your alarm identifies itself, and shows the nature of the alarm. (This is a manually operated alarm, so it’s instantly recognizable.
  • Your personal and contact information is now displayed on our operators monitoring screen.
  • Our operators will then call the relative services, police or a patrol response or other nominated parties.
  • An ambulance can be dispatched in appropriate circumstances.
  • This procedure can be easily customized to suite your specific needs.

Note:Safe & Secure provides a full consultation service for designing these systems, so you can address any security issues in detail. You can create a fully personalized system to deal with your security problems or needs.

Need some help selecting a system?

Setting up a good, reliable Hold-up/ panic/duress system needs some planning. If you want some advice, or would like an evaluation of your security needs, you can talk to one of our security experts.